Nasty ModMate E Juice - Peach Lemonade

Nasty ModMate E Juice - Peach Lemonade

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Lemonade is what makes the world go around. Nasty Modmate Peach Lemonade 60ml has your new favorite lemonade flavor. This peach lemonade flavor has just the right amount of sweetness and sourness to have your taste buds going crazy.

With each inhale, fresh peachiness excites those taste buds. The sweetness of this fruit intensifies before a refreshingly zesty twist of bright lemon tingles on the back of the tongue, causing your mouth to water just a bit. That lemony splendor then becomes sweeter just in time for a fresh exhale.

Nasty is a brand dedicated to bringing their customers flavors that will keep them on their toes all day long. With every single one of the Nasty Modmate vape juices, you will feel as if you are in a whole different world of flavor with every inhale and exhale you take. These flavors are so powerful that you will never get tired of them.

Key Features of Nasty ModMate-

  • 60ml Modmate Bottle By Nasty Juice
  • 30PG / 70VG
  • Available in 3mg (0.3%) and 6mg (0.6%) nicotine strengths
  • Flavor Profile: Peach & Lemonade
  • Compatible with sub-ohm devices & similar high-wattage devices