Nasty ModMate E Juice - Menthol Tobacco

Nasty ModMate E Juice - Menthol Tobacco

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Menthol Tobacco Nasty Modmate 60ml is fresh, crisp, mellow, and ultra-smooth, especially when natural menthol flavoring is used. High-quality menthol starts with sun-cured Oriental tobacco, which is then overlaid with a cool menthol extract derived from genuine peppermint leaves.

Menthol Tobacco E-Juice by Nasty Modmate is a smooth, rich, and refreshing blend that is perfect for anyone seeking a viable alternative to menthol cigarettes. This delight begins with a selection of premium, medium-bodied Virginia tobacco leaves, which have been methodically cured to ensure robust flavor and a smooth draw. It is then enhanced with the perfect amount of cool menthol, for a refreshing finish you are sure to enjoy.

Menthol Tobacco Nasty Modmate is the ideal e-juice for anyone who fancies the taste of premium menthol tobacco, without the harsh undertones experienced by the real thing.

Key Features of Nasty ModMate-

  • 60ml Modmate Bottle By Nasty Juice
  • 30PG / 70VG
  • Available in 3mg (0.3%) and 6mg (0.6%) nicotine strengths
  • Flavor Profile: American Cigarette Tobacco, & Menthol
  • Compatible with sub-ohm devices & similar high-wattage devices